Ricky Ross, the boss

Photo 28-01-13 17.47.22

Photo 28-01-13 17.47.27

Photo 28-01-13 17.47.57

Photo 28-01-13 17.48.46

Photo 28-01-13 17.49.13

Photo 28-01-13 17.49.26

Photo 28-01-13 17.49.31

Photo 28-01-13 17.49.42

Photo 28-01-13 17.49.49

Photo 28-01-13 17.50.02

Soaring to the top of the list of extravagant rappers – Ricky Rozay, making him the perfect object of my Instagram desires. Big tattoos, big sunnies, (ridiculously) big gold chains, big flasher, big personality.
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