Photo 08-03-13 18.13.11– Wearing my new Nike Free sneaks to London. My mom is a sneaker girl too –

Photo 08-03-13 18.13.56– Sushi at Wasabi’s in London is a must try. Sushi as fast food – hello addiction. And why are we missing that sort of concept in Copenhagen? –

Photo 08-03-13 19.49.41– Heathrow airport looking more like Christmas than spring-

Photo 09-03-13 08.43.31– Absolutely delish snack – mangos with lime –

Photo 09-03-13 08.55.14– Found my long lost love – Nike Infrared Air Max 90ies in the original vintage colors. Sold out everywhere – except for Selfridges, apparently –

Photo 09-03-13 08.56.29– Gushing over my babies after returning home –

Photo 12-03-13 08.30.59– Back to work. Which is inevitably more fun with zebra feet –

Photo 13-03-13 12.31.00– Feening for summer in NYC, with juice stands on every corner, sun and blue skies every day –

Photo 14-03-13 12.43.15– Getting through what I beg to be the last days of winter with this new sizzling spring remix by Ashibah. You all know I’m a die-hard fan, and this new mix certainly does not disappoint. Check it out!



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