You love me like XO

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All my favorite colors, all my favorite things. A bit of colorful pick-me-up on this rainy, dreary Sunday. Back to the office tomorrow!



Photo 26-01-13 17.44.38– Favorite cookies flown in from Paris by mummy dearest –

Photo 24-01-13 12.20.06– Brooklyn Nets T brought back from NYC by sister dearest –

Photo 23-01-13 10.51.49– Practicing my stitching technique on a dummy –

Photo 17-01-13 15.14.10– Studying OB/GYN, borderline snoozing –

Photo 15-01-13 12.41.53– Traditional Danish open sandwiches –

Photo 13-01-13 14.24.21– More studying –

Photo 27-01-13 08.15.33– Baby sis in her brand new Dunks –

Photo 11-01-13 09.50.01 – Breakfast –

Photo 06-01-13 14.06.55– Trying to get back into that running game –

Photo 05-01-13 09.23.07 (1)– Admiring Versace for H&M boots on my sister –

Photo 31-12-12 12.58.39– Love on a key chain –

Unsystematic snippets of everyday life on Instagram. Relatively representative of what I’m up to as of late – studying, eating, and enjoying a pinch of fashion where I can get it.
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