Photo 03-08-14 14.58.40Photo 05-08-14 19.36.38Photo 08-08-14 20.58.10Photo 13-08-14 17.19.13Photo 13-08-14 20.06.56Photo 09-08-14 20.35.48A few snaps from my past few weeks, which have been busy with me adjusting to my new life as a born-again student, hence silence in the blogasphere. Expanding my horizon on the great Kofi Annan and all his work for the UN, souvenir from Geneva reminding me of my sister every time I open my fridge, fruits of the sea enjoyed with friends, first real grown-up purchase (baby car!), vegetarian spaghetti bolognese with an old New York friend, and marveling at the my red hot Loubs while biking through the city.


In the city of s**

100207_sex03_400X40021_sjpoutfits_lgsarah_jessica_parker_in_sex_and_the_city-_the_movie_wallpaper_11_1024sex-and-the-city-2-sept8-01tumblr_l5bj5iq5Vi1qc1aoySex_and_the_City_2_1023851a4-Big-Bun_article_horizontal052808sexcity1SamanthaJones sex-and-the-city-movie2 Carrie-Bradshaw-satc-movie2_0 sex_and_the_city_the_movie_full__2 sex_and_the_city_movie134 raspberry-heels-malinowe-obcasy-sarah-jessica-parker-carrie-bradshaw-sex-and-the-city-quotes-31 bodacarriebigI know. I couldn’t have presented you with a more cliché post even if I tried. Hard. But I must admit – SATC will always be a limitless fountain of outfit inspiration, even to a classic/boring black-and-white-and-nude prude like myself. I recently revisited with the two movies, just to sit through 2 hours straight of bright outfits and accessories and hairstyles and shoes. See the main thread is timeless – brave, bold, adventurous personalities personify much better through color and vibrance than through 50 shades of black.
At least that’s what I’m feeling for now. So I’ll give it a go. The Carrie Way.
(PS I also watch for New York. Always always NYC ❤ )