9 to 5

office_window_corner_Home office day today. I’m sure my creativity would greatly benefit from that classic, corner office, leather furniture, soft rugs, kinda feel. Instead I have to do with more mediocre means – but I’m managing though! Hope you all had a productive day.


First year rookie

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Yesterday was my one year anniversary as a doctor. Exactly one year ago I earned my title as MD, a year that has lead to a learning continuum reaching far and wide, including; taking the hippocratic oath, landing my first full time job, studying for all the knowledge lost, melting in the heat in my new uniform, discovering the elevator selfie, writing my first prescription (this one was big!), realizing that coffee saves a busy day in the ER, being awake for 16 hours straight on a night shift to watch the sun rise, eating hospital food, being treated to late night sugar and caffeine by the nurses, realizing that those night shifts really weren’t my favorite, stealing left over dessert, getting in the holiday spirit, more studying, more late night sugar, and being creeped out in the subterranean tunnel.

Here’s to the next memories!