9 to 5

office_window_corner_Home office day today. I’m sure my creativity would greatly benefit from that classic, corner office, leather furniture, soft rugs, kinda feel. Instead I have to do with more mediocre means – but I’m managing though! Hope you all had a productive day.


A cluttered home is a cluttered mind

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Since I’ve been posting interior design inspiration lately, I figured I’d give you a little peek of my own humble abode. These few shots pretty much summarize what it is about my place that makes me feel at home – my 10 year collection of glossy magazines, sentimental art pieces, miniature New York brought home from my stay in the city a few years back, books and books on end (and the custom book shelf made by my dad), solid classics (both furniture and accessory-wise), and of course my dear light-brown boxed beauties. Above all though – simplicity.

Home office

I wish my home office had an exotic view of the sea, but alas. I am not to complain today though, as the skies are spotlessly blue, the sun radiantly golden. Getting some final work done before business tripping to Chicago tomorrow.

(Picture courtesy of stylewithisabelle)